TCPA 2017: Key Issues and Proactive Steps for Contact Centers


The transformational declaratory judgment order on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) entered on July 10, 2015 was met with immediate concern. Various telemarketing, financial and collection entities filed an appeal, effectively staying many cases until a ruling is made. Oral arguments on the appeal were made on October 19, 2016 and a ruling is expected in early 2017.

TCPA cases remain the second most common type of case filed in Federal courts (3710 cases in 2015, up 45% from 2014). These cases often involve significant costs and demonstrate the risks associated with non-compliance.
Five Key TCPA Issues Raised in Appeal

The petitioners in the appeal seek clarity on enforceability of five key issues.

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TCPA – Consumer Protection – Controlled Business Mayhem


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act is surrounded by a plethora of fear, loathing, confusion and a seemingly never ending parade of revisions, clarifications and court decisions that appear to oppose one another.

While the statute looks as though it cuts off telemarketers at the knees; if guidelines are met to satisfy the elements of the TCPA along with good call number hygiene and sound recordkeeping, there is no reason for business not to proceed as usual.

What’s the TCPA All About? 

Born of best intentions – …Read the full article by Abdo Rabadi: TCPA Consumer Protection – Controlled Business Mayhem