Blue Kite’s Conception

This business partnership was conceived in early 2012 over a pint of fine Indiana brew… We were engaged in a lengthy conversation on social media and trends analysis when Trish asked …

What would you do … Spend budget on mobile applications or develop and implement a plan to incorporate social media into the contact center?

What?? (My response).  Great question.   We chatted on for another hour or so and then agreed more research was required.

So four months later, after taking a deep dive, it’s apparent that the type of business will drive the answer.  For many there is no either/or – the budget will need to be there for both to remain competitive.  Others will see a greater return investing in social media.   While for some mobile apps will be the imperative.

Eventually, for most, both will need to be addressed – at a minimum the planning should start now.

That was the first kite.  Catch the winds of opportunity.

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