Where Should a Contact Center Invest?

Where Should a Contact Center Invest in 2013?

The Contact Center world is certainly a complex world, with a myriad of issues, opportunities and limited budget.  So the question we’re asking you here is where do you or should you invest your time, resources and money?

1.  Call Center Staff

  • Retention
  • Training & Development
  • At-Home Agent Programs
  • Out-Sourcing
  • Quality Programs
  • Workforce Management

2. Technology

  • Email/Chat
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Gamification
  • Dialer
  • CRM
  • Self-Serve/IVR
  • Hardware/Virtualization
  • VoIP
  • Process Automation
  • Cloud Computing/Hosted Solutions

3.  Environment

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And here’s an interesting article by Richard Snow on his predictions for what the future will look like in five years’ time from Call Center Helper.Com http://www.callcentrehelper.com/what-will-the-contact-centre-of-the-future-look-like-5110.htm



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