Social Media Diffusion

I have been a fan of Everett Rogers’ theory of Diffusion of Innovations for some time now. Basically, it explains why, when and how new innovations are accepted and utilized by a population.

The theory sees change as being primarily about the evolution or “reinvention” of products and behaviors so they become better fits for the needs of individuals and groups. It seems that the Professor Rogers developed his theory specifically for the social media and the mobility worlds we live in today.

With 110 million smartphone users in the US alone, an acknowledgement of the tremendously leveraged power of the social media savvy customers can boost brand perceptions and customer service levels, but if ignored, may cause brand damage that cannot be easily repaired. So it can be a very powerful tool if done professionally or a very dangerous tool if not treated with respect and a common sense approach.

With all demographics using their mobile phones more frequently for something other than talking and coupled with 76% of smartphone users participating in social media this is a tremendous opportunity to capture market share or retain market share, whichever the case, when consumer emotion is high.

In the consumers’ busy lives, time is precious. The consumer has not the patience for long hold times, dropped calls, errant transfers or having to repeat herself over and over. They simply will not stand for it. New innovative means to communicate your organization’s message are now at your feet.

Employ the innovations that the consumer has embraced as their own. An organization’s channels whether they are marketing, customer care or a bit of both must be agile and responsive on the consumers’ terms. Organizations must proactively and professionally embrace the innovation of social media customer care and recognize the dynamics of mobility usage or face the dire consequences of what Brian Solis appropriately coined- Digital Darwinism.

I’d love to hear how you’ve implemented social media into your customer care operations. Likes, dislikes, successes and/or hiccups.

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