SCHEDULE FLEXIBILITY for Customer Care Representatives: I WANT WEEKENDS OFF!

work life balanceIn response to the subject question I found on a discussion board I provided the following suggestions regarding schedule flexibility and thought I’d share them with you here.  Let me know your thoughts …

Over the past 20 years I’ve seen a lot of different approaches to the question of scheduling flexibility. And it’s important – schedule is the number one priority and concern of any contact center agent – so any flexibility you can provide will have a direct impact on agent satisfaction (satisfied agents = satisfied customers). Interestingly enough there are agents who want to work evenings and weekends – so leverage that through your hiring strategy – it will reduce the number of agents you’re trying to flex with. Shift swaps are another GREAT way to add flexibility. A weekday shift may be what the majority of agents want – but still there are appointments etc. that require time off during the week or day and this offers a terrific opportunity to keep staffing levels consistent and give agents the flexibility they desire. Another approach I’ve seen, is to offer agents a slightly reduced schedule (same weekly pay) for covering night and weekend shifts (7 hours vs. 8 hours) or night/weekend incentive pay. Finally, you may look at the option of “at-home” agents – the agent gets the bonus of working from home but this option also helps with building security issues and reduces premise costs (light/heat etc.).

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